Our System Features

Our system has great features to clean and verify quickly your Brazil email address lists with the most accurate result.

Removing blacklist and spam traps

We remove spam traps and blacklist items from your list to keep you safe from many RBL.

Removing invalid and duplicated items

We remove invalid and duplicated email address from your list. This is a must-have cleaning.

Removing non-mailable domain

You can't email to domain which don't have MX record. We remove email addresses of these domains.

Verifying email address by sending

We verify your email address list by sending email to that one. This is the best way on this field.

High performance system

Our system is designed to handle very large list and we did process for list size of 100+ millions records.

Support multiple fields and multiple formats

We are confident to support list with multiple fields and the most file formats, just send us your files.

Auto correct data structure error

Our system can auto-detect and correct structure error in your list data to keep your mind in peace.

We do special arrangement

To optimize your sending result, we do arrange your list in a special way. This is unique feature.

Additional support is available

We also provide awesome additional support for list processing and feel free to ask us for these.

Ready to verify your Brazil lists?

You may get started by contacting us, just fill in the form and hit the button to notify us about your need.
We will check your information and contact you as soon as possible.

What our client says

Our clients are very happy with our cleaning and verifying because it did improve their delivery result
Take a look here for some of their quote.

high inbox rate because of using Verify-Email-List.com

I enjoy the highest inbox rate of my system since using this team to clean my lists. It's really cool.

Mr. Villers - Affiliate Network Manager

using Verify-Email-List.com I can send much more

I'm very happy with your verification result. My servers is now sending much more without worry for RBL.

Mr. Darrell - Affiliate Publisher

Verify-Email-List.com is fast, professional and excellent email list cleaning

Fast, professional and excellent list cleaning service. Highly recommended and will use again.

Mr. Jacob - List Manager